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CNC Controlled Profile Machining Center (4 Axis)



Used for performing milling, drain channel opening, drilling, marking and milling processes

on aluminum and PVC profiles.

  • Non-standard specific operations on different profiles

  • CNC based control system

  • Precise process at any angle between -90° and +90°

  • Automatic tool replacement

  • Ability to perform processing in two separate zones

  • Automatic magazine for 10 tools

  • Automatic clamping positioning

  • Touchscreen

  • Remote access

  • High processing capacity to increase efficiency

  • Automatic lubrication in processing area

  • Ability to process light steel profiles up to 0.2 inch thickness

Standard Equipment

  • Processing tools (4 pieces)

Optional Equipment

  • Automatic lubrication

  • Optional length on X-axis

  • Automatic sawdust discharge unit

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