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Automatic Hydraulic Four Head Aluminum Corner Crimping Machine


Used for corner crimping processes of aluminum profiles.

  • Steel plate with high pressure resistance

  • Automatic positioning with servo system

  • Touchscreen

  • Adjustable clamping system for high profiles

  • Adjustment of crimping blades based on profile

  • Hydraulic operating system

  • Two stage hydraulic pressure setting in assembly

  • Safe working area with safety barrier

  • Crimping of wide and high profiles

  • PLC control system

  • Strong hydraulic pump system

  • User friendly, easy interface program

  • Low noise, long service life

  • Precision assembly process with robust brake system

  • Automatic size calculation system for easy frame insertion


Standard Equipment

  • 0.27 inch crimping set (8 pcs)

  • 0.2 inch crimping set (8 pcs)

Optional Equipment

  • Crimping set for custom profiles

  • Barcode reader

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