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LEPUS-II CNC Router: Revolutionizing Window and Door Profile Processing!

In the realm of window and door manufacturing, precision and efficiency are key to delivering high-quality products. The LEPUS-II L CNC Router is a game-changer in this industry, offering a wide range of features and capabilities specifically tailored for processing window and door profiles.

When it comes to working with profiles, accuracy and attention to detail are crucial. The LEPUS-II L CNC Router is purpose-built to excel in v-channel opening, processing, and sizing operations for these specific applications. Its advanced technology ensures that every cut and operation is executed with precision, resulting in flawlessly crafted profiles.

The LEPUS-II L boasts a superior processing quality achieved through its robust vacuum system. It provides exceptional stability and fixation for window and door profiles, guaranteeing excellent results. The vacuum system is thoughtfully designed with independent sections, allowing for precise control over the vacuum force in different areas of the workpiece.

Versatility is another key attribute of the LEPUS-II L CNC Router. With its tool replacement magazine, the machine accommodates four independently operating fan-cooled spindle motors. This feature enables rapid tool changes, facilitating the processing of various profiles with different cutting requirements. Whether it's PVC, aluminum, or any other material used in window and door profiles, the LEPUS-II L can effortlessly handle the task.

To streamline the manufacturing process, the LEPUS-II L is equipped with 2D CAD CAM graphics and optimization software. This user-friendly software package simplifies design and tool path generation, allowing for intricate and precise profile designs. Additionally, the machine features an automatic, pneumatic alignment system, ensuring accurate alignment of profiles and minimizing errors.

Safety and convenience are of paramount importance in the LEPUS-II's design. The external dust vacuuming system keeps the work area clean and free from debris, promoting a safe and efficient working environment. The machine's steel frame with tension resistance guarantees high accuracy processing, while the special vacuum circuit ensures optimal vacuum delivery specifically for window and door profiles. The CNC Control unit, NC-300A - MI, facilitates seamless data transfer over remote network connection, Ethernet, and USB, enabling effortless integration into existing workflows. Remote access capabilities provide convenience and flexibility, allowing users to monitor and control the machine from anywhere.

In addition to its comprehensive set of standard equipment, such as 2D CAD CAM, cutters, vacuum pump, and a dust vacuuming system, the LEPUS-II L offers optional equipment tailored to window and door profile processing. Special cutter tools can be utilized to enhance the machine's capabilities further, ensuring precise and efficient profile manufacturing.

The LEPUS-II L CNC Router is an indispensable tool for window and door manufacturers seeking unparalleled precision and efficiency. Its advanced features, superior processing quality, and versatility make it the go-to machine for professionals in the industry. Whether you need to create intricate v-channel openings or precisely size window and door profiles, the LEPUS-II is the ultimate solution for achieving excellence in CNC routing for these specific applications.

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