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Automatic Four Head Welding Machine



Used for welding four corners of PVC / Vinyl profiles.

  • Pneumatic motion

  • Automatic frame output unit

  • Process programming and large memory

  • Safe working area with safety barrier

  • Welding time adjustment and digitally controlled heating

  • Heat adjustment up to 660°F with digital thermostat

  • Touchscreen control panel

  • Quick and easy to replace welding mold system

  • Batch processing and precision measurement

  • 1/64" (0.2mm) welding seam

  • Quick and easy to replace hot press teflon

  • Remote access

  • Data transfer over remote network connection

  • Ethernet and USB

  • Alarm and warning sign on screen

  • Uniform heat distribution on plate


Standard Equipment

  • Barcode reader

  • Special mold

  • Gasket pressing system

  • Profile holding and cooling unit

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