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Double Head Cutting Machine 22" Blade - Semi-automatic with 1 Axis Servo Control

Gemini V SA


Used for cutting processes of aluminum, vinyl and wooden profiles.

  • Hydro-pneumatic cutting

  • Electronically controlled X axis

  • Secure cutting by the cover equipped with a safety sensor

  • Rapid angle positioning of heads hydro-pneumatically at angles -22,5°, -45° and 90°, manual positioning at intermediate angles

  • Industrial PC with Windows based touchscreen and easy to use practical interface

  • Remote access

  • Data transfer over remote network connection, Ethernet and USB

  • Adjustable saw blade travel speed

  • Ability to control saw blade travel distance

  • Batch processing and precision cutting

  • Process programming and large memory

  • Batch profile slicing

  • Roller conveyor on moving head

  • Automatic horizontal clamps

  • Automatic size calculation for mold cutting

  • Profile support unit

Standard Equipment

  • 22" saw blade (2 pcs)

  • Conveyor (1 pcs right, 1 pcs left)

  • Cooling system


Optional Equipment

  • Vertical clamps

  • Barcode printer

  • Digital adjustment of saw blade travel distance

  • Conveyor on fixed head

  • Dust vacuuming system

  • Digital display for angular positioning of the head

  • Profile height measurement

Gemini V SA
Gemini V SA Cutting Diagram
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