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Vacuum cleaner for chips for double heads

VELA E3.jpg


Used for vacuuming chips in aluminum, vinyl and composite material processing.

  • High-power centrifugal fans up until 155 ft3/h

  • Visual filling indicator

  • Continuous work cycle without maintenance demands

  • Structure completely made of steel

  • Anti-track wheels that turn with parking brake

  • M Class Polyester Filter

  • Container capacity 42 gallons

  • Quick-release for container opening

  • Silencer to reduce the noise level of the vacuum according to norms

  • Filter shaking with pneumatic motor (OPT) integrated


Optional Equipment

  • Remote control

  • PVC bags kit for collecting chips

  • Cleaning kit for cleaning the machine after work

  • Antistatic kit

  • Additional tank from 132 to 264 gallons

  • Cyclonic prefilter added filter protection

  • Liftkit to avoid any force on part of the operator during the process of emptying the container

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