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CNC Router (3 Axis)



Used for v-channel opening, processing and sizing operations of composite panels and plates.

  • Composite plate fixing and superior processing quality with strong vacuum

  • Tool replacement magazine: capacity for 4 independently operating fan cooled spindle motors

  • Ability to process wooden and plastic plates by replacement of milling cutter

  • Ideal vacuuming with air channels on polyethylene board

  • 2D CAD CAM graphics and optimization software

  • Tools replacement in 2.5 seconds

  • Vacuuming in independent sections

  • Automatic milling cutter length reset

  • External dust vacuuming system

  • NC-300A - MI CNC Control unit

  • Automatic, pneumatic alignment system

  • Data transfer over remote network connection, Ethernet and USB

  • Remote access

  • Steel frame with tension resistance, high accuracy processing

  • Special vacuum circuit designed for local vacuum delivery

  • Ability to resume operation following problems such as power outage, etc.

  • Ability to edit loaded code file

  • Ability to write and process manual code

Standard Equipment

  • 2D CAD CAM

  • Cutter (2 pcs 0.15 inch cutter, 2 pcs V channel cutter)

  • Vacuum pump

  • Dust vacuuming system


Optional Equipment

  • Special cutter tools

  • Optional length

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