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CNC Profile Machining and 4 Axis Cutting Center

ALCOR - IV (EN).jpg


ALCOR - IV has been developed to perform cutting, surface treatment and notching operations of wide aluminum and PVC profiles. ALCOR - IV is designed to achieve the highest efficiency in the least amount of time with its units that can operate independently of each other.

  • Servo controlled cutting

  • Servo controlled rotation axis

  • Automatic gripper with servo axis control

  • Pneumatic holder robot with servo axis control and manual adjustment feature for accurate positioning of profiles

  • Windows based industrial PC

  • User-friendly HMI and Remote Access

  • Data transfer over remote network connection, Ethernet and USB

  • Guard cabin for cutting and machining area

  • Programmable cutting and processing speed

  • Discharge unit with pneumatic conveying system

  • Resume feature (emergency stops, blackouts, etc.) provides cutting advice by making a full scan in cutting list and detecting uncut pieces

  • Feeding capacity for 10 profiles

  • High cutting capacity to increase efficiency

  • High speed axis movements

  • Ability to process 4 different surfaces of a profile

  • Ability to use cutting and processing units independently


Standard Equipment

  • 22" saw blade

  • Automatic waste discharge unit

  • Barcode printer

ALCOR - IV 1 copy 2.jpg
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